Prepaid Cell Phones

In today’s economically hard times it is hard to juggle all the bills in life. One bill that can be hard to pay each month is your wireless phone bill. I know that I alone pay $75 a month just for myself. Most cell phone bills are not even that low. A lot of the time a cell phone bill can be $100 and above.

A better alternative to those expensive wireless phone bills are prepaid cell phones. Now when I think of prepaid cell phones I think of a phone that just does not do what I want it to and will not work half the time, but this is contraire to popular belief. There are a lot of great prepaid cell phones that come with great coverage and all the other features you could ask for.

All of the different name brand wireless companies sell prepaid cell phones to include Verizon, AT and T, Sprint, T – Mobile and much more. Not only do the top service providers offer prepaid cell phones but they also offer the neat gadgets that would come with a contract wireless phone. Some of these features might include a camera phone, web surfing, texting, and other features.

Prepaid cell phones are now looking on the up side. For some a prepaid cell phone is the way to go because you can pay as you go instead of being tied down in contract. A prepaid cell phone plan is a safer way to have a cell phone especially if you’re just starting to juggle bills. You are not tied to a contract and a bill each month and when you run out of minuets you can just buy some more. It is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. This article will be used to explain the types of plans available with prepaid cell phones, features offered, and much more.